Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

Or rather, the anti-Fred Rogers.

There is a particular psych patient at work that intrigues me. He's violent and it's difficult to find a state bed, so he sometimes lives in the ER for 5+ days at a time. Who am I kidding? It's like once a month; usually when he threatens to kill his wife.

It's sweet, really. He calls her up to say hello, chats a bit, and then breaks into "I'm going to kill you, bitch!" in mid-sentence. Sometimes he calls the sheriff's department, too.

Mr. Rogers no longer has phone privileges.

He believes that he's given us all gold coins. We don't disagree b/c imagine what he'd do to YOU if you lost "money" to which he entrusted you.

Other times he pounds on the glass with his fists until you come over. Then he slams the door in your face. B/c that room is his second home and he travels there by special police "limousine."

Once he sat in the hallway yelling China Doll, China Doll..... After about an hour I realized he was speaking to me. I always know when he's back b/c I can hear him welcoming me back to work. It's great, you're walking through the ER to get your assignment and you're welcomed by the schizophrenic mumblings of Hey there, China Doll!

Sometimes he just shuffles around like a little old man. It's cute, really. Without the delusions and psychosis, he's someone's grandfather, mumbling and shuffling down the hall in his robe and socks. Until he asks you to s--- his d---.

Through all of that, I've wondered what it's like to be his neighbor. Imagine the excitement of what could be a boring, simple walk to the car! Run kids, run!


I volunteer at the Teen Center and he must live nearby. I saw him walking down the sidewalk and he didn't say a word. I figure the meds must be working. But, no. (sigh)

He follows me into the teen center, strutting like it's 1975 and he still has his jive on and casually says "Hi there Mamasita!" (now I'm Latino.)

I kick him out twice but not before he asks me if I still have his inheritance and states that all of the teens are his babies and he is Hitler.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Favorite Sweater

I'm quite proud of this piece. It's the Snowflake Sweater from Knitting for Baby. I really like this book for a stock of basic baby knit patterns.

It's sized for 12-24 months and I don't have kids. But I did have some perfect yarn for it and I will have kids soon enough :p

It's a pale blue and charcoal grey, which isn't quite evident by the bad color here.

Look how well the colorwork turned out on the back side!

The matching Ear Flap Hat.

And a gratuitous cat photo. Krusty is really glad my MIL bought this basket for me.

Oh yeah.... 20 inches of snow! We lost a lot of huge branches in the back yard.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Take care of your old people!

I love old people. It's their kids that bug me.

Why doesn't anyone want to take care of their own old people? This has really been bothering me. A woman brought in her motherrecently b/c she had a minor UTI. Ok, good. Then she requests that we admit her to the hospital.

After I explain why we can't and that it's not medically necessary, she gives me lame excuses as to why it's safer for her. Again, everyday safety of the elderly is not our problem. We can't institutionalize all of them for their own good.

Which is when she lets it slip. "Well, none of us want to take her." I can sympathize, really I can. But this is the neither the Sheraton nor the back alley dumpster and you can't drop them off whenever you don't feel like looking after them.

And WHY oh WHY is it always these people who don't really want to bother with them that make the biggest show out of everything we do.

oh yeah. GUILT.

From that point on she second-guessed and complained about everything we did. Even though I gave that poor little woman the best care possible.

She even complained about the last hospital they were at and that her mother still had the EKG stickers on SEVEN DAYS AFTER DISCHARGE.

Does she think we make house calls? It's your job to help her bathe, too! Was she waiting for the EKG Fairy to come in her sleep?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Snow in Maryland

If you aren't aware, it never snows in Maryland.


That is what they want you to believe!!! It snows all of the time, but we are so ill-prepared for it that you would think we lived in Jamaica.

And that is why 20 inches of snow in one night left me sleeping overnight in the ER. No, I didn't hurt myself. I work there. My shift ended at 3:30 am and I couldn't get out b/c it was still snowing and blowing hard and the plows don't make it to the side streets. I had to sleep in an empty patient room until 7am.

Which is when I was supposed to drive home and come back in 8 hours for a 12 hour shift... Now I hate to break from my usual appeasing polite self, but I requested (ahem, badgered) to work another 8 hours right then, rather than come back later.

I hate to be a pain in the read-end, but I'm a student with multiple schedules to balance and, well, there's that whole nursing shortage that all adds up to: Give in to me just this once. They did, but I still feel a little bad.

btw, helipads are great for measuring snowfall!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Living the Sweet Life


Yes, there is a light at the end of my 10 year college tunnel. Yes, I've gone 10 years to end up with an Associates and RN. (this is what happens when you start college too young, too crazy, too immature.)

Why the Sweet Life?
1. It's my Psych rotation. Psych isn't as sad as you would expect. In the vein of my last post, two amusing conversations from today:
  • "You are the tallest Chinese person I've ever met! Are you from some tall part of China?" [sure, Yao Ming and I are cousins. I'm not Chinese but why argue with a woman who thinks Jesse Jackson is going to take over the world? And that she has illegitimate love children with Scott Peterson :o]
  • I'm not eating this jelly. It's not low sugar jelly. My sugars have been really good. You know who was good? That Johnny Carson was good. My nephew was named Johnny. He bought these pajamas with my husband. My husband doesn't love me, he just loves my money. Money is the root of all evil. My rose bushes never grew, I bet it was the roots. [pauses, points] That girl's got some Chinese in her. [doesn't miss a beat] Roses are my favorite flower. He never bought me flowers. Now my son, he does right. But I asked him to give me $20 dollars and that boy didn't bring it. I used to make a lot of money when I was younger. Younger than all of you. I looked like a witch when I was younger...
And so on! It's hard enough not to laugh at her ramblings (she's elderly) but she stops dead in the rambling to say that and then continues on with the previous "topic." I almost busted out laughing in the group therapy session!

2. I have to do a volunteer project at a Teen Center. I go play dodgeball for 2 hours twice a week! 20 years later and I still suck at it. But I'm bigger than all of the other kids. Oh wait, that hasn't changed...



5. Half way finished with "Trellis" patterned baby wrap.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Really, do I have a bullseye on me?

You might have read about my old job issues. You might know what it's like to grow up biracial in the middle of cow country. You might gather that I'm a little touchy about it (I do have a sense of humor, though.)

So why am I the poster child this stuff? Check out what comes up when you google my blog...


Now scroll down to 1/22/2006 2:46PM, very close to the end.

It's one of the bad pics of me in the Spiral Hat, used to make fun of Asian people!

Can't a girl get a break???

How is that I, one of how many knitting Asians (only half asian, even!) get included in this?? It's like grade school and you're pretty sure there's a sign on your back :p

Monday, February 06, 2006

Knitting Oblivion

I had so many great plans to knit over winter break. Instead, I worked. A lot. Just a little advice: working over 100 hours per pay period in an ER will almost kill you. In fact, this is exactly why ER nurses are crazy.

I did knit a few things, but forgot to take pictures. A baby hat, simple grey garter stitch. And my favorite, the teddy bear.

We all know about knit teddy bears. They take scary forms like this:

It's kind of like growing up poor and your mom buys you the "barbie" dolls from the dollar store.

I used Merino Style, doubled. In fact, it's the Ugly Green Blob Sweater's redemption. I have to make more, b/c the recipient and everyone else loved it.


Now I've started Trellis. I'm going to make a baby wrap, though, so I added and extra set of panels to it.

Is it wrong to say that I'm really glad the Thing1 and Thing2 kids are gone? :p